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The Wedding Whisperer is your “one stop shop” for wedding planning
where you’ll find information, inspiration and advice,  wedding accessories and supplies ...

 ... everything you need to plan your wedding, in one handy location


The difference is personal service -  so there’s no need to waste hours rummaging around on the internet when a simple e-mail
or phone call may provide the information you’re seeking.


For most people, planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For us, it’s what we do every day.
If we can’t supply the product or service you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that we know who does.

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No matter what stage you’re at in your wedding planning, take advantage of The Wedding Whisperer’s
 independent consultancy service*, and have an expert look over your wedding plans!

Free Bridal Advisory

One Quiet Hour

Creative Consultation

Wedding Workshops

Beautiful Brides

Get a quick answer
to basic questions
by phone or email,
and download our
FREE worksheets
and planning guides

Get a little professional help - from cake tasting to ceremony content - finding words for invites or speeches - whatever you require

An on-site, personal wedding planning workshop to help create the “instruction manual” for your wedding

Meet the best local experts and learn their secrets, tips and tricks for wedding and event planning

We have sample gowns from a variety of designers, so you can try many different styles of gown, with the help of a professional fitter

No Charge

by appointment $35/hour

by appointment $90

Cost varies by Workshop

one time charge $40

*Because The Wedding Whisperer isn’t locked into recommending only a few specific companies, she can help you get the best out of
YOUR chosen product or service providers, and work WITH YOU to create the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of.

With more than ten years’ experience and expertise as a Celebrant and Independent Wedding Consultant,  working under the spotlight and behind the scenes, the Wedding Whisperer, can provide you with information and advice that you cannot get by trawling through web sites or pitching darts at advertisements in the yellow pages. Local contacts and resources, insider information and years of experience makes planning your wedding so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!


No matter how trivial [or overwhelming] your challenge or question,  email Wendy  today!


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Open 10am - 2pm Tuesday to Saturday. Fittings outside these hours by appointment.
Short notice and after hours can usually be accommodated, but an appointment is essential

The Wedding Whisperer  16 Tahunanui Drive  Nelson,  
phone   +64 3 548 5033           txt  Wendy  021 027 04638         email   info@theweddingwhisperer.co.nz

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